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Founder Vinay Yadav brought CloudSparse, Inc to life in September 2007. Since then, the company has been growing worldwide, with a management team that represents some of the most experienced technology professionals in the industry.

Board of Directors

  • Vinay Yadav, Executive Chairman, CloudSparse Inc.
  • Anjana, Board Member, CloudSparse Inc.

Executive Officers

Management Team

Vinay Yadav
CEO and Founder

As chief executive officer, Vinay is responsible for CloudSparse's day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company's product development and technology strategy.

Vinay has established himself as a respected professional in the field of Software Engineering and Development. In various leadership roles as a Chief Architect, he has been at the forefront of technology. His entrepreneurial background has encompassed strategic planning, budgeting, and leading the development and delivery of major projects and innovative initiatives.

Upon receiving as extensive education in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, Vinay broke into the corporate environment by assuming a position with Xerox Corporation as a Chief Principal Architect. Among the accomplishments over his three-year tenure was designing Xerox systems and leading a team of developers in designing a Data Communication system for Xerox Logistics & Supply Chain, while creating the company's identity on the earlier days of the Internet.

Upon leaving Xerox, Vinay joined the Unisys Corporation as a Senior Principal Architect. Among major systems was developing a train services and scheduling system for the Railway Board and a multi-user, multi-location integrated tax system for the State of Montana.

Vinay worked with Open Market, Inc (Oracle Corporation) in Boston where, as Chief Architect, he spearheaded an advanced content management platform that enabled customers to rapidly develop, deploy, manage, and deliver robust applications to conduct sophisticated levels of e-Business.

Upon leaving Open Market, Vinay moved west to Montana, where he joined RightNow Technologies, Inc (Oracle Corporation) as Chief Principal Architect and Lead. Here, over his seven-years tenure, he headed the development of a unique bi-directional synchronization Outlook application. He also led the development of "Live Chat & Collaboration" an online on-demand chat and co-browsing product which allows Customer Service Representatives to communicate, electronically, with multiple customers simultaneously.

After leaving RightNow, Vinay was associated with WMS Gaming Inc (Scientific Gaming) in Reno NV. Over his four-years tenure, as Chief Architect, he led the design and development of Scientific Gaming products, which also included Cloud Data Services, Cloud Security and Licensing. In all instances, Vinay collaborated with many teams in introducing creative designs and developments, and in successfully handing over innovative products to the customers.

Educationally, Vinay has earned two Masters Degrees - one in Computer Science from Institute Management Technology(IMT) and other in Statistics - as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from St John's. He continues his education and professional development on a regular basis to keep abreast of rapidly changing technology and leadership. Vinay holds various leadership certificates from different business schools and technical certificates from Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.

James Espeland

Since joining CloudSparse, James Espeland has helped grow the company from a cloud start-up to a global leader in technology. He is responsible for the external matters of CloudSparse: building partnerships and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership, as well as advising the CEO and senior leadership on business and policy issues.

James oversees the company's technical and business strategy alongside founder Vinay Yadav. Under his leadership, CloudSparse dramatically scaled its infrastructure and diversified its product offerings while maintaining a strong culture of innovation.

James is a software veteran with more than 25 years of experience. Prior to joining CloudSparse, Inc., James was an architect at RightNow Technologies, Inc. since 2000, and an architect at Hewlett-Packard Company. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.

Amit Vikas
Chief Product Officer and EVP

As Chief Product Officer, Amit Vikas directs special cloud product development in India. In the past, Amit has served as president of CloudSecure, Inc., where he shared responsibility for the company's day-to-day operations with Vinay Yadav and James Espeland.

Amit holds a bachelor's degree and has more than two decades of proven experience in solving business challenges with innovative enterprise solutions aligning business needs to IT capabilities. As global COE leader for Java and .Net, he had led a team to devise a framework to create a number of service offerings in the area of Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing, SOA, Middleware, Portal, Enterprise Content Management, Performance Engineering, and e-Commerce. He led numerous architecture reviews/assessments to validate the architecture/design, identify violations of commonly accepted best practices, assist in technology selection/justification, and troubleshoot performance and scalability related issues. He has extensive development operations and management experience in the government sector. He is responsible for creating and expanding strategic partnerships in Indian region for the benefit of CloudSparse's growing number of users.

Vern Turner
Chief of Business Operations

Vern oversees revenue and customer operations, as well as acquisitions, mergers and partnerships. Since joining CloudSparse, he has held several positions with the company. Most recently, he led CloudSparse's operations and was responsible for creating and expanding strategic partnerships in several regions for the benefit of CloudSparse's growing number of users.

Prior to joining CloudSparse, he started his career working with HighGain in Nebraska in 1964. Vern moved to Rapid City, SD to start electrical and mobile business in 1975. He founded and operated Northsore Lanes, Bigfork MT from 1981 to 1985, while there, he spearheaded the gaming business. Vern held management positions at General Motors at Hamilton MT for more than a decade.