Cloud Migration

CloudSparse simplifies your move to cloud

How to migrate your hosted or on-premises environment?

CloudSparse products help migrate your on-premises or hosted servers, databases, applications, email among cloud, dedicated, and virtual environments.


What can CloudSparse products help you migrate?


  • Migrate your autonomous on-premises or hosted servers - dedicated or virtual servers, or any other cloud servers to any private, public or hybrid cloud (e.g. Google® Compute, Microsoft® Azure, Amazon® EC2)
  • Upgrade your operating system. (e.g. upgrade to RHEL 8 or the latest build)


  • Move your apps (e.g. UAV controller, SaaS apps, or custom apps) to any cloud providers
  • Change your applications authorization
  • Migrate apps, data, documents, images, contents.



  • Host your Oracle® MySQL, MS SQL or Sybase database into cloud
  • Switch or upgrade your databases (e.g. switch from MySQL to MS SQL, and vice versa).
  • Configure to replicate for load-balance and high availability


  • Migrate your mail server to any cloud providers
  • Switch or upgrade your mail server (e.g. Move from Exchange server to Gmail Server)
  • Migrate Document repositories (e.g. Docushare or SharePoint)