CloudSparse Deep Learning

CloudSparse trains the hidden layers to secure your systems in cloud.

Adapt a hosted or on-premises environment

CloudSparse products train the system using Artificial Neural Networks to secure all on-premises or hosted, database, application, email servers among cloud, dedicated, and virtual environments. CloudSparse computes asynchronous distributed stochastic gradient descent to eliminate any over-fitting the complex systems.


  CloudSparse Artificial Neural Network protects your environment


  • Autonomous, on-premises, hosted, dedicated or virtual servers
  • Private, public or hybrid cloud (e.g. Google® Compute, Microsoft® Azure, Amazon® EC2)
  • Any operating systems (e.g. RHEL 8 or the latest)


  • UAV controller, SaaS apps, or custom apps
  • Applications authorization - data, documents, images, contents
  • Mobile apps (Android or iOS)



  • Oracle® MySQL, MarialDB, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, Postgres
  • Configure to replicate for load-balance and high availability


    • Mail server (e.g. Exchange server, Gmail Server)
    • Document repositories (e.g. Docushare or SharePoint)