Cloud Sparser and Sparsec

The advent of Cloud Computing -- SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and zero cost cloud apps leads to the complexity to secure the apps within cloud environment, which is industry-wide participation.  No longer is an organization limited to a stand-alone applications, software or hardware on-premises or on a data center floor.  Users now have the opportunity with Cloud Computing to buy into a multitude of industry-wide cloud experiences and they never have to leave their individual client interface.  Expanding the user’s opportunity to the industry-wide level brings a new dynamic to the organizations.  The benefits are widespread, with users benefiting from participation in cloud experiences, with the organizations benefiting from incremental features and with CloudSparse benefiting from incremental research, inventions and growth.

Cloud apps are secured on CloudSparse platform. CloudSparse supports multiple content channels with both cloud and local apps. These applications run within CloudSparse Container and configured using the Cloud Sparser and secured using Cloud Sparsec deep learning. The Cloud Sparser runs on the CloudSparse Platform to configure the CloudSparse Container. The Cloud Sparsec secures cloud apps running within it. It facilitates the organization to select which cloud apps they wish to run on one or more organization-selected clients.

Specific features introduced by CloudSparse Platform include:
•    Secure Multiple cloud apps at the client with asynchronous distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent.
•    Wide array of droplets along with the virtual evaporation present on the cloud platform.
•    Third-party Cloud compatible droplets on CloudSparse platform.
•    CloudSparse droplets on third-party platform supporting Cloud Computing.
•    Install and configure Cloud Computing virtual evaporation and cloud apps.
•    Download client droplet from a Cloud Platform to client(s).
•    Download cloud droplet from a Cloud Platform to the cloud.
•    Coordinated presentation of multiple cloud apps using CloudSparse Architecture.
•    Execution of droplet outcomes at the cloud.
•    Centralized measuring of cloud apps.
•    Financial Harness at the client.
•    Maintain high availability.
•    Interoperability with third-party and legacy systems.