Cloud Microservices

CloudSparse simplifies move into the cloud by componentizing any enterprise's hosted or on-premises environment. CloudSparse products help migrate the on-premises or hosted servers, databases, applications, email servers among cloud, dedicated, and virtual environments. CloudSparse promotes enterprises in every industry to take advantage of deep learning, machine learning, blockchain and autonomous systems.

  • Cloud

Combining the power of cloud tools for cloud platforms, DevOps, SaaS, AIaaS and PaaS, CloudSparse develops highly scalable products & enterprise applications, and leverages cloud to boost enterprises to innovate.

  • Microservices

CloudSparse Microservices architecture enables specialized, autonomous components, that are deployed in cloud. Whether mobile apps or Restful APIs, CloudSparse adds new features or removes old features without impacting the whole application.

  • DevOps & CI/CD

DevOps enables dev, operations and services teams to function efficiently. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) automates and speed the release process and the quality of production code. CloudSparse leverages CI/CD process to implement, test, and deploy applications continuously.

  • Containers and Serverless Computing

CloudSparse Leverages Container and Serverless computing technologies to focus on innovating products and applications, APIs, and components, and eliminates infrastructure management tasks around provisioning, operating system patching, maintenance, security, and capacity management etc.

CloudSparse products boost enterprises migrate and componentize.


  • Componentize any apps (e.g. UAV controller, SaaS, custom, or autonomous)

  • Authentication, Authorization and Confidentiality


  • On-premises, hosted - dedicated or virtual, or cloud server to a private, public or hybrid cloud (e.g. GCP Google® Compute, Microsoft® Azure, Amazon®EC2)

  • Operating systems: (e.g. Windows 2019, RHEL 8 or the latest)


  • JBoss, WebLogic, Glassfish, Tomcat, Webcenter Cluster Replication

  • Apache, IIS, WebSphere Load Balance, Fault Tolerance and High Availability


  • DBMS: Oracle®, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, AWS Aurora, PostgreSQL

  • No-SQL: Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, DynamoDB

  • Switch databases (e.g. MySQL to SQL Server).

  • Replicate, Load Balance and High Availability


  • Any mail servers to cloud

  • Switch mail servers (e.g. Exchange to Gmail Server)


  • Migrate Contents: data, documents, images (e.g. DocuShare, SharePoint)